October 11, 2016

Featured Product: Popcorn Flats

Our unique blend of organic corn kernels and natural ingredients, popped in coconut oil and lovingly squeezed into popcorn flats. We have reinvented the bland rice cake into an innovative new popcorn based flat, bursting with flavours and packed with the benefits of new nutrition.

Sunset Burst:
Bursting with warmth and colour.
Vibrant carrot, bold beetroot and radiant tomato bathe in fiery ginger and a haze of coriander to form the perfect sunset.

Green Burst:
Bursting with nutritious superfoods.
The power of broccoli and the strength of spinach to serve up the ultimate hit of green.

Fusion Burst:
Bursting with aromatic spice. Legendary black rice and rich coconut come together in an explosion of exotic green cardamom seeds and fragrant Garam Masala to deliver a flavoursome spice fusion.

Protein Burst:
Bursting with a powerhouse of grains, pulses and seeds.
Energising buckwheat, fibre-packed lentils, super grain quinoa and fuelling chia, flavoured with the subtle warmth of cumin, pack a knockout punch of protein.


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