Sustainable Canned Fish you can trust

Our unique straight from the boats philosophy redefined sustainability. Our new exciting range of meals and jar products will redefine the sector.

Our Work

Fish4Ever was founded on the idea of bringing Organic values to sustainability in fish. Our holistic, all-encompassing approach, is both real and comprehensive, focusing on land, sea and people, supporting not only the best possible fishing practices, but also the communities and small boats that enact them


Fish4Ever is canned tuna you can trust, thanks to our emphasis on quality and sustainability. Our tuna is locally fished, landed quickly, and prepared and packed in one process. This isn’t the grey sludge other people pass off as tuna.

Premium Jar Products

The finest products, in glass jars, with only the very best organic ingredients, including sustainably sourced Mackerel and Sardines. 

The Meal Range

Quick, convenient and easy, these sustainably sourced Sardines and Mackerel come in a range of flavoursome sauces and oils, created using only the highest quality organic ingredients


Our current crop of sardines are fished either off the coast of Cornwall or from a selection of hundreds of very small rowing size boats in the Ria estuary outside the factory. Also known as spratts, we fish and pack our smaller species of sardines locally on the North Coast of Scotland where it is most common. The fish is very delicate, mid-size between an anchovy and a sardine

Gourmet Paté

Fish4Ever gourmet Paté sees our high quality, sustainably sourced Tuna, sardines and mackerel combined with the superfood benefits of fresh harvested organic seaweed in a home-made style recipe offering plenty of taste and a great texture. 

Raw Salted Anchovies

Presented in a fruity and spicy local Sicilian cold pressed olive oil, our award winning anchovies are caught in the Southern Mediterranean sea by local boats operating from Sicily and the South of Italy. As seen on Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s River Cottag


This is the classic UK mackerel that is fished north and now further and further north of Scotland all the way towards Iceland. Oily, high in omega 3, fished at the optimum time, packed in a cold pressed virgin organic sunflower oil. Best to eat unheated.

We've been getting Sustainability right from the beginning

Learn more about our careful and thorough approach by visiting our Fish4Ever website.

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