Wild Thing is all about inclusiveness. All our products are gluten free, grain free, paleo friendly, vegan and, best of all, they’re also organic.


Wild Thing Bars

Our organic paleo bars are made exclusively with raw ingredients. What makes the bars great is the natural taste of the ingredients and the beauty of the recipe. We put a lot of time choosing only the best ingredients to make our paleo snack bars.

Berries & Seeds

Coconut & Chia

Nuts & Seeds

Cacao & Almond


“They tick a lot of “trendy” boxes: they’re gluten free, they’re organic, they’re raw, they’re vegan and they’re paleo, but most importantly for me they’re really rather scrumptious” Poppy D

“So these bars carry the tag of being organic, gluten free, paleo, vegan and raw. That’s a lot to live up to when you add tasty, right?! But they did.” Keep it Simpelle



Granola group shot vertical.jpgWild Thing Granola

Our Granola caries the same ethos as our Wild Thing bars, packed with goodness. We launched in September 2016 and we’ve already had a great response.

Mountain Berry Granola with cranberries, goji berries & mulberries

Equatorial Cacao Granola with cashews, raw cacao powder and nibs

Island Coconut Granola with raisins, cashews & brazil nuts

Rainforest Fruit Granola with coconut, banana & pineapple


“It was a delicious addition to my smoothie bowl as you get the crunch from the granola clusters followed by the chewiness of the dried berries… The perfect early morning energy boost,” Nutritiously Naughty

“Ideal amount of crunchiness, juiciness and flavour,” SpamellaB

“This has to be one of the most delicious granolas I have ever tasted,” Noms by Naomi



Coming Soon…

Popcorn Flats

Our popcorn flats proved a huge success at the Allergy+ Free From Show in July, so much so that we’re still getting messages about them now. We will be launching our Popcorn Flats in the near future so keep an eye out.

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